Ways To Support

Currently, I spend most of my time on Budz n Beardz. Whether I’m filming or editing videos, live streaming and sharing a smoke with ya’ll, taking photos, drafting blog posts, tweets, messages, emails, or working on this website I’m almost always working on something for this platform. I get asked all the time how can I support what you’re doing? Here are a couple of ways you could really help me out:

  1. PatreonJoin my patreon! It’s a way for fans to support their favorite artists. I avoided having one for the longest time but I wouldn’t ask if I couldn’t use the help. 100% of this money will go towards my blog costs such as video hosting, web hosting, software, equipment, etc.
  2. Be Active On My Social Media Accounts – Every single comment means SO MUCH, I honestly work so hard on the media that I produce and your appreciation is honestly what keeps me going and it makes this way more fun. I’ve gotten to know so many of you through random tweets, messages, or comments. Every like, view, tweet, comment, and message enables me to continue to do this. Something as simple as “Nice picture” has honestly turned around my day at times.
  3. Use My Promo Codes – Normally, if I give you all a promo code the company will kick back a tiny percentage of the sale to me. List of Promo Codes
  4. Purchase Budznbeardz Merchandise – I don’t make merchandise for me, I make it for you. My shop is tiny now, but it is in the works of expanding a bit.  Visit my Shop here.
  5. Purchase Items from my Kit – Kit is a website where I share items that I’ve used on my platform such as twinkle lights, clothing, home decor, stoner accessories, etc. When you purchase from my Kit normally I get a tiny kick back from the companies. Visit my Kit Here.
  6. Send Mail –  I have got to be honest, I love good old fashion mail over anything else. There is nothing more personal or touching than a hand written note or physical mail. It honestly touches me so much every time I check my P.O box. I write back <3 (in due time, but I write back!) Here’s my address:

Nick Beardz

P.O. Box 325

Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Thank you Budz so much for all of the support you give me on a daily basis. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you all enough for the amount of kindness and support you’ve given me.