Welcome To Budznbeardz.com // Rarefied Hard Pipes 5-Hitter Christening

Welcome to Budznbeardz.com!

Rarefied Hard Pipes 5-Hitter Christening

First, thank you so much for visiting Budznbeardz.com.  It’s been about a month since YouTube started cracking down on cannabis channels, and it’s taken me about that much time to create a space for myself online.(Rarefied Hard Pipes 5-Hitter pictured left)

My YouTube Channel is currently still alive and I’ll be uploading some new content to it soon, but most of my content will be exclusively here at www.budznbeardz.com. Sign up for my newsletter on the homepage, if you’d like to be updated on new content posted here. Unlike YouTube, there’s no subscribe button, so please sign up for the newsletter.

Rarefied Hard Pipes’ one hitter was the very first product I review on my YouTube channel, and I have loved my one-hitter so much, so I thought what better way to launch this website than christening the custom five hitter he made me.  I should point out this was sent to me to test it out, this was his first attempt at making the five hitter, so instead of a review I’d consider this more of a product testing. The very first thing I noticed is one of the holes was slightly larger than the others, which made one of the joints not fit snuggly, which made the airflow in this piece not so good. Additionally, I think 5 joints were just too much for such a small piece. When first using it I feel like I was getting decent hits, but after a bit it seemed like parts of it were getting clogged making it virtually unusable. I did get a few really nice puffs from it, but felt like I was getting a hit off of some of the joints, but not all of them. Here’s a shot of the smoke window completely milked up:

Halfway through the joints, I ended up ditching the pipe because I couldn’t get enough airflow and instead just shoved all four joints in my mouth, lol!

Overall I think the Rarefied Hard Pipe’s 5-Hitter just needs some tiny adjustments to be a really fire pipe. First, the joint hole sizes have to be uniform and second, I’d personally cut this from 5 joints to 3 joints as this pipe is really small and gets clogged with so much smoke going through it.  Hope you all enjoyed this little blog post.

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  1. Best of luck with the site! I’ll definitely be a regular visitor. Stay lifted!

    1. budznbeardz says:

      Thank you so much ????????????

  2. Lady.Sixx says:

    The site looks so cool! ❤?? I love how smooth it works on my phone. ❤

    1. budznbeardz says:

      I’m so glad it’s running well for you! Thank you so much for checking it out ?????????????????

  3. budznbeardz says:

    Thank you so much ???

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