Eshencraft Birthday Package Unboxing

Eshencraft Birthday Package Unboxing

Eshencraft, a wood worker who creates dabbers and all sorts of wooden goods sent a very generous care package for my birthday. He included so much stuff in the package, I thought, “I have to do a really nice blog post with all of this.” I love showing you all really quality stoner accessories made by small businesses in the cannabis community. The attention to detail small boutique companies, such as Eshencraft,  tend to have in their products far surpasses the generic clay scraper you can buy on amazon and use as a dabber.

Each of his wooden dabbers handles are hand stained, and his design asthetic is so eclectic that there is a dabber for everyone’s style. He has a variety of different tips on his dabbers (flat, scoops, and picks) perfect for any form of concentrate (shatter, crumble, kief, etc.). Eshencraft just began creating acrylic dabbers that are highly polished to produce a beautiful shine. The one he sent me was baby blue and pink, and I have to say I notice myself getting stoney and staring at the designs in it because its so beautiful. Pictures don’t fully do it justice.

Eshencraft also sent over a beautiful laced wooden plate, small wooden bowl, and a bowl stand (all pictured above).  When I first got the bowl stand I really didn’t understand the point of it, but upon having it, I can’t imagine my smoking ritual without it. Its so nice to have something to stand your bowl in versus having to hold your bowl while you pack it. Is a tiny thing, but I swear it makes my smoke sesh feel that much more lux. I love when everything has its place.
I also received these two racks. One is purple and shaped like a triangle (perfect to shove in a corner of a shelf), and the other is a blue rectangle. Both have two different size holes. One size will fit 14mm bowls, which is also the perfect size to store a dabber, or one-hitter as well. The other size will fit 18mm bowls, which is also the perfect size for a clipper lighter. I cannot thank Eshencraft enough for these racks. They are really going to clean up my stoner shelf.

Hope you all enjoyed this little blog post. If you did leave a comment below. Also if you to want to purchase anything from Eshencraft check out and he can also be found on Instagram @Eshencraft.