Blazy Susan Review // Cannabis Storage Solution

Blazy Susan Review

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The Blazy Susan is THE BEST way to organize all of your stoner gear in a neat, aesthetically pleasing, and practical way. The Blazy Susan is essentially a lazy susan with a tray on top with tons of compartments for everything from your dabbers, to q-tips, lighters, grinders, rolling papers, torches, stash jars, bong, oil rig, doob tube, bowl, joints, carb caps, ash tray, you name it, the Blazy Susan has a slot for it, and not just any slot, a slot that fits your items like a glove.  This is one of the things that sets the Blazy Susan apart from a lot of other cannabis organization solutions. I also love that the center of the Blazy Susan contains a silicon dab mat which is anti stick (so your dabs don’t stick to it), and heat resistant!

The Blazy Susan has slots for everything. One of my favorites is the rolling paper slots pictured above.

You can tell that the designer of the Blazy Susan put a lot of thought into what slots to include. Each slot fits it’s intended item perfectly, which ends up being a really important feature of the Blazy
Susan because it spins! Because the slots fit like a glove, whenever you spin the Blazy everything stays in place. Most of the slots are able to be used for a multitude of uses. In the picture to the right, you can see a slot that fits a clipper lighter, that same slot also fits a doob tube perfectly. The slot that my grinder is in, also fits a torch perfectly. I love how versatile most of the slots are, as it makes it feel like the Blazy was made just for you. I feel like it would fit most stoner’s gear absolutely perfectly.

The Blazy Susan contains slot that comes with a debowler ash tray, which is honestly my favorite slot as I am one of those people who never has an ash tray around when I need it and ends up using whatever is closest as an ash tray. You can purchase laser printed customizable slots from Blazy Susan for even more customization, such as the dab station pictured left, that holds clean q-tips, dirty q-tips, dabbers, and carb caps.

Overall I cannot recommend the Blazy Susan enough. It’s made out of quality materials, and feels like it is built to last. It legitimately feels like this was customized for me, and I know if you get one you’ll feel the same way. I love spinning it around in front of people front the first time, they immediately comment on how neat it is. It makes my smoke seshes so much more enjoyable knowing everything I need is right on hand, organized and easily accessible. You can check out the Blazy Susan at and code Beardz420 will save you 10%


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