About Me

Hi Budz! My name is Nick, but the internet knows me as Budznbeardz. I’m a 28 year old law school graduate who was born and raised in Mississippi, but I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Upon graduating from law school, I felt really lost. I took a job in the legal field and immediately knew that I would not be happy taking a traditional job. With the support of my boyfriend I quit my job. For the first time in my life I had free time, and the freedom to explore creative side and my interests. A lot of my free time was spent enjoying cannabis… I mean I was a kid in a candy store, coming from an illegal state to a legal state.

I wanted a place to share photos of all of the neat cannabis products I came across, so I created an Instagram account and that’s how Budznbeardz started. Over time I made friends through my instagram account, and felt comfortable enough showing my face. I then realized just how powerful that was  . . . there are not a lot of minorities creating high quality cannabis media. I felt like there was a niche that was just not filled with a variety of high quality content and made it my mission to do my part to fill it. Representation is  so important,  and I think the next generation of cannabis users need diverse figures online.

Since, I have created a YouTube channel with almost 10,000 subscribers, a twitter account, and a periscope account. I create a variety of educational and entertainment cannabis content  such as reviews, how to’s , and smoke seshes. Throughout my various social media channels I have about 60,000 people following along. I get messages every day from people thanking me for being a positive role model in the cannabis community, and telling me how needed content like mine is for the community and that support is why I created this website. Thank you so much for visiting www.budznbeardz.com. Stop by, smoke along, read a blog post, watch a video, enjoy!